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Distance sales

On this page, you can read pre-contract information related to distance sales when purchasing insurance from Turva.

1. Distance sales of insurance products

Chapter 6(a) of the Finnish Consumer Protection Act (38/1978) contains provisions on the vendor's obligation to provide information to consumer customers in the distance selling of insurance products.

Distance selling of insurance products means the provision of insurance to consumers by means of a distance sales method that is organised by the vendor and which exclusively uses one or more means of distance communication for the purpose of entering into a contract and prior marketing.

The distance sales method refers to a method of marketing or sales organised in such a way that its main objective can be considered to be to enter into a contract by means of distance communication.

Distance communication means a telephone, mail, television, data network or other mode of communication that can be used to enter into a contract without the parties being physically present.

This pre-contract information about the distance selling of insurance products applies to insurance products offered on the insurance company's website and by telephone.

2. Underwriters

  • In non-life insurance, the underwriter is Turva Mutual Insurance Company.

  • In life insurance, the underwriter is LocalTapiola Mutual Life Insurance Company.

Turva Mutual Insurance Company
Business ID: 0211695-5
Järvensivuntie 3
FI-33100 Tampere
Switchboard: 01019 5110

LocalTapiola Mutual Life Insurance Company
Business ID: 0201319-8
Revontulenkuja 1
Switchboard: 09 4531

The insurance company is listed in the insurance quote and policy document sent to you.

3. Public registers

Turva Mutual Insurance Company is entered in the following public registers of the Business Information System (YTJ), a joint service of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office and the Tax Administration:

  • Trade Register

  • Basic information in the Tax AdministrationPrepayment register

  • VAT register

  • Register of employers

  • Register of institutions liable to pay tax on insurance premiums

The underwriter, LocalTapiola Mutual Life Insurance Company, is entered in the following public registers of the Business Information System (YTJ), a joint service of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office and the Tax Administration:

  • Trade Register

  • Basic information in the Tax Administration

  • Prepayment register

  • VAT register

  • Register of employers

4. Supervisory authority

The authority supervising the activities of insurance companies is:

Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority
Snellmaninkatu 6
PO Box 103, FI-00101 Helsinki
Switchboard: 09 183 51

5. Main features of the products

The main content of each policy, as well as the scope of the coverage and information about the key exclusions from coverage can be found in the product guide, terms and conditions and insurance product information document available on our website. Please note that some of the materials are only available on the Finnish pages in Finnish.

The insurance price calculator and the basis for determining the insurance premium, as well as information about payment terms, are available separately for each insurance product.

You can view the above information on our website.

6. Right of withdrawal

The provisions of Chapter 6(a) of the Consumer Protection Act concerning the right of withdrawal do not apply to insurance products. The policyholder's right to cancel and terminate an insurance contract is specified in the Insurance Contracts Act.

According to the Insurance Contracts Act, the policyholder has the right to terminate the insurance at any time during the insurance period. The termination must be made in writing. If the policyholder has not specified an end date for the policy, the policy terminates when notice of termination has been submitted to the insurance company. However, the right of termination does not apply if the agreed duration of the insurance contract is shorter than 30 days. If the policy is terminated, the insurance premium is charged for the duration of the insurance.

7. Information about legal remedies

If you are dissatisfied with a decision you have received or unsure about the contents of your insurance contract, you should first contact your insurance company. For more information on the grounds for the decision and other factors influencing the case, you can ask the claims adjuster who handled your case directly. You can find the contact details of your claims adjuster in the claim settlement decision. In other situations, you can contact our customer service. We will amend our decision if necessary. For more information about your insurance contract, please call our customer service.

Our claim settlement decision is always accompanied by instructions that explain in detail how to appeal the decision in question. The appeal procedure varies depending on the type of insurance.

For more information on the legal remedies available to you, please visit our website. Information on legal remedies specific to each insurance product can also be found in the product guide and terms and conditions of insurance.

8. Other information

The pre-contractual information in distance selling is provided in accordance with Finnish law. The insurance contracts are governed by Finnish law. Our primary service language is Finnish.