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Accessibility means that digital services are accessible and usable by everyone, regardless of our individual differences. Accessible, or universal design takes into account visual impairments, reading difficulties, motor disorders and colour blindness, among other things.

Web accessibility is the universal design of the digital world

As an insurance company, Turva is required by the Finnish Act on the Provision of Digital Services (306/2019, the so-called Accessibility Act) to take accessibility into account in the design of our services. We are currently developing the accessibility of Turva's online services both technically and in terms of content.

Many issues have already been fixed, but work still remains to be done. We try to address issues in the accessibility of our services as extensively and quickly as possible. Accessibility is taken into account in our ongoing development projects. Some of the accessibility issues are due to services that will be phased out and replaced with new ones by our current projects under development.

For more about the state of accessibility of our services, please see the accessibility statement.

For more information on accessibility issues, please contact us by email at Y-Turvasaavutettavuus(at) . You can also send your feedback or questions about the accessibility of our services to the same email address. Further information on accessibility is available on the Regional State Administrative Agency website at .