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Home insurance

With home insurance, you protect your home, holiday home, residential building under construction, outbuildings and household contents. Standalone sauna buildings and outbuildings or structures over 15 square metres in area, such as warehouses and garages, must always be insured separately.

Information on home insurance

Home insurance covers different types of damage depending on the extent of your insurance coverage. Turva's extensive home insurance provides the most comprehensive coverage for your property. It covers damage such as broken property and, if you wish, you can extend your extensive home contents insurance with Laaja Plus additional coverage. Basic home insurance covers damage caused by fire, natural phenomena, water leaks and burglary or theft, among others. Our most limited home insurance option only covers fire damage, but you can expand it with protection against natural phenomena and burglary if you wish.

  • Home contents insurance is only valid in Finland, but you can also add baggage cover to your insurance for trips abroad.

  • Liability and legal expenses insurance included in home insurance are also an important part of your insurance coverage.

  • For more information on the contents of home insurance, please refer to the product information document, insurance guide and terms and conditions. For the time being, the insurance guide and terms and conditions of insurance are only available in Finnish.

Good to know

We want to make sure that the contents of our insurance policies are understandable to you, even if we cannot present the information in your language. As an insurance company, we have a duty to provide you with sufficient information about the insurance you have purchased, which is why you need an interpreter to assist you when buying insurance from us.

Our insurance documents, claims decisions and invoices are in Finnish. In the online service, claims can only be filed in Finnish. Because of this, we ask that you fill in a separate interpreting commitment, in which you agree that you will obtain an interpreter to assist you in handling insurance matters if necessary. This ensures that you understand the content of the documents you receive and that your future interactions with us go as smoothly as possible.