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Business customers

All insurance products from a designated contact person

As a business owner, Turva provides you with a wide range of insurance products and verifiably effective service. The same contact person conveniently handles all the insurance needs of your company as well as your personal and your family’s insurance.

We are here for your protection because we know that business owners have other things to take care of

By choosing Turva for all your insurance needs, you save both time and effort and ensure that your insurance coverage is scaled correctly. Your personal insurance contact helps you ensure that you have insured everything you need comprehensively and without unnecessary overlaps. You are also entitled to financial benefits from multiple policies. You get an 8% discount on personal insurance policies when the company you own is insured by Turva. You get the discount for both homeowners insurance and voluntary motor insurance and personal insurance.

Turva's insurance solution for business owners

  • statutory employment insurance

  • insurance for the company's assets and operations

  • real estate insurance

  • voluntary personal insurance: accident, medical expenses, travel and life insurance

  • motor insurance

  • homeowners insurance

When your company is insured at Turva, you get an 8% continuous discount on your personal insurance policies. If you or a family member is a member of a trade union, on top of the 8%, you get an even larger 10% discount on both homeowners insurance and voluntary motor and personal insurance.

When you insure your home with us and also have at least one other insurance policy, you get an additional 10% owner discount on the premiums of all your personal insurance policies! The discounts do not apply to compulsory third-party motor insurance.

Contact information for corporate customers

Customer service 010 195 107 (Mon-Fri 9-17)
Claims Settlement 010 195 108 (Mon-Fri 9-16)