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Welcome to Turva, member of the Electrical Workers’ Union!

The Electrical Workers’ Union has insured you with Turva's insurance policies. In addition to the insurance you receive through the Electrical Workers’ Union, Turva offers all the insurance you need to protect yourself and your family.

Insurance policies for Electrical Workers’ Union members

The traveler insurance taken out by the Electrical Workers’ Union covers the union’s members. Student and pensioner members are not covered. Children under the age of 18 traveling with you are also insured. Children refer to the insured person's own children and grandchildren, the children of the insured person’s spouse and children living permanently in the same household as the insured person.

The insurance is valid on leisure trips abroad that start from Finland and on domestic trips of at least 50 kilometers from the insured person's home, workplace or holiday home.

Traveler insurance covers treatment costs caused by a sudden illness or injury that started or occurred while traveling without an upper limit and with no deductible.

The insurance also covers costs caused by a cancelled or interrupted trip and delayed departure.

Travel insurance terms

Additional terms for Electrical workers union

Group insurance for organizations

Insured persons and validity

Group insurance for organizations is valid in the organization’s activities and events worldwide. The insurance covers the union’s members. Contrary to the insurance terms, the upper age limit of 70 years does not apply in traveler insurance.

Definition of organizational activities

Organizational activities include pre-planned meetings, training events, seminars, summer and winter get-togethers and other similar events organized by the union or organization. Organizational activities also include serving as a representative of the union in meetings, advocacy work and organizational activities.

Traveler insurance

Traveler insurance covers the treatment costs of an illness or accident that begins during a trip for organizational activities. The insurance also covers costs caused by a cancelled or interrupted trip and delayed departure. The insurance may also include compensation in the form of a daily allowance for temporary disability caused by a travel accident and compensation for permanent disability and accidental death.

Baggage insurance

Baggage insurance covers sudden and unexpected property damage, such as theft or breakage, on trips taken for organizational activities. The insurance may also reimburse the costs of purchasing necessities if the baggage is delayed.

The organization’s insurance also includes travel liability and travel legal expenses insurance.

Additional benefits for members of the Electrical Workers’ Union

  • In addition to the union discount, the union's pensioner and student members receive a 20% discount on multi-trip and single-trip traveler insurance policies.

  • In addition to the union discount, all members of the union receive a 20% discount on multi-trip and single-trip traveler insurance policies.

  • All members of the union receive a 15% discount on the first year of personal full-time accident insurance, in addition to other discounts.

Full marks discounts: 10 % + 10 %

As a trade union member, you are always our number one!

  1. 1.

    You get a permanent 10% member discount on your insurance policies.

  2. 2.

    Because we are owned by our customers, we want to offer them a fair deal: when you insure your home and something else important, you get an additional 10% owner’s discount.

    If you only have one insurance policy with Turva, you will receive the 10% owner discount after being a customer for two years. The discounts do not apply to motor vehicle insurance and life insurance policies.

Cost-effective insurance for trade union members

  • Liittokasko is our best comprehensive motor vehicle insurance, with plenty of features. For example, if someone bumps your car in a car park or your car breaks down in the middle of the road, Liittokasko will cover you. Liittokasko is only available to trade union members and their family members.

  • Turvassa life insurance is a life insurance policy that is inexpensive, particularly for members of trade unions. The union benefit for the life insurance policy in 2023 is up to -58% (example benefit for OAJ members in 2023).

Information about insurances

Some of our insurance product information documents and materials are available in Swedish or English. More information about our policies can be found in Finnish. Contact us and let us help you update your insurance cover!