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About Turva

Turva is an insurance company that believes in the power of smiles

Founded in 1910, Turva is a Finnish mutual non-life insurance company owned by its customers, where profits are used for the benefit of customers in the form of discounts and high-quality services. With Turva, you insure the most valuable things in your life easily and simply.

What it means to be the best insurance company

Finland's most satisfied customers, to whom we offer real value for money.

We are owned by our customers. Instead of paying out dividends, our profits are distributed to customers in the form of benefits and discounts.

According to our customers, Turva is an easy and secure choice. We live up to our customers’ trust and take care of our customers.

As many as four out of every five customers surveyed are prepared to recommend Turva to friends and family. (Turva customer feedback survey 2022)

Turva in brief

Official name in English: Turva Mutual Insurance Company

Head office


Number of employees

343 (average number in 2022)


Ville Raunio

Income from premiums

€140.9 million (2022)

Business ID


In 2022, Turva’s customers included

217,000 private customers

41 trade unions

10,700 corporate customers

1,313,534 persons insured through trade unions

Owner-customers and mutuality

Turva Mutual Insurance Company is a nationwide mutual non-life insurance company. Mutuality means that Turva is owned by its customers, the policyholders. For customers, mutuality is visible as competitive prices, discounts and owner-customer benefits.

Turva is a Finnish mutual insurance company whose range of services covers all non-life insurance products. In addition, we act as intermediaries in offering LocalTapiola Group's voluntary life and pension insurance. In statutory earnings-related pension (TyEL) insurance, our partner is Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company. Our customers mostly include households, associations and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our mission and values

Our mission is to provide the best possible insurance cover for trade union members. Our goal is to be an insurance company that offers service that exceeds expectations. We want to be the best place to work for our employees.

Turva's operations are guided by our values: responsible, straightforward and Smile, you’re safe with Turva!


We take responsibility into account in all our operations. As a mutual insurance company, our roots are in joint and several liability, which means that we bear risks together and help others get back on their feet after hardships.

Turva's basic task is to produce benefits and financial rewards for our owner-customers. For us, responsibility means the best treatment of owner-customers in the industry, financial solidity, a culture of doing the right thing, environmental sustainability and Finnish ownership. These are the cornerstones of our work. Our focus areas of responsibility are built over this foundation.

Our customer promise is that the daily lives of trade union members will be even safer in the future. This requires continuous actions in social, economic and environmental responsibility and ESG management.


The customer's matter is handled by Turva without extra complications. Our customer service is straightforward, down-to-earth and fast. This straightforwardness is also visible in Turva's organization, which operates efficiently both internally and externally. Our processes and decision-making are easy to follow, efficient and aimed at straightforward but responsible and high-quality operations.

Turva is a learning, developing and boldly forward-looking organization that also strengthens the success of its partners.

Smile, you’re safe with Turva!

Great customer service is a cornerstone of Turva's success. Great service comes from our skilled professionals. In Turva, customers are listened to, served and encountered. Turva is easily approachable and close to the customer, which means that our understanding of our customers is excellent. We offer customers the peace of mind provided by insurance coverage, which makes it easier for our customers to go about their day with a smile.

The professionalism and service attitude of Turva's employees are first-rate. Professional and healthy employees also help strengthen our customers’ confidence in the future and the belief that a long customer relationship pays off.