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Turva in English

Turva is a mutual non-life insurance company operating nationwide in Finland. Being a mutual company means that Turva is owned by its policyholder customers and the owners of guarantee capital. For the customers this results in competitive prices, discounts, and customer-owner benefits.

Turva is a Finnish company, whose products cover all accident insurance types. Moreover, Turva acts as an insurance broker for statutory employee pension and voluntary life and pension insurance policies offered by LähiTapiola Group. Most of our customers are households, associations and small to medium-sized enterprises.

Turva’s service network encompasses whole Finland, and our agents are flexible and easy to reach. In addition to our main office located in Tampere, we have 37 offices around the country. These offices already employ over 300 insurance professionals, and in addition approximately 70 agents, who sell our products.

Our guiding values are customer orientation, productivity, reliability, and continuous development and improvement. These values have been defined together with employees of Turva.

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